Bobby (gaymukboi) wrote in the_life_cafe,

Countdown to RENT...

The first showing in my area of Wisconsin is at 12:25. That means 3 HOURS AND 22 MINUTES UNTIL RENT BABY!
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I just got back from New York City... went to see the movie and then went to Life Cafe! whooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooooooooey! :D Not exactly like how it looks in the movie (or in the play, for that matter!), but who cares!!?? It's the ACTUAL PLACE that Jonathan Larson hung out at while he wrote my favorite story in the world! An owner actually showed me where Jonathan sometimes sat! Yeeeeeeeeeesh... gives me the chills to think of it. If there weren't other people eating there at the time, I would have gone over and kissed the chair!