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A small review of new soundtrack

"You don't want baggage without lifetime guarentees."

A musical such as RENT needs more than just a few words in a journal to discuss how much it has affected the Broadway and theatre community as a whole in the past decade the score for RENT has been a mainstay for many Broadway and theatre enthuists, I myself among that community known as the RENTheads.

"The film maker cannot see, and the song writer cannot hear."

When I first heard they were making the film version of the Broadway show I was a little leary, would they retain the full score, would they find music that Larson had written and had never used or would they go in a different vein, thank the lord for Christopher Columbus for retaining the heart,spirt and soul of RENT.

Not only does he retain most of my score, he is strikengly true to the original Broadway score. Most Broadway shows are recorded over one day and they sometimes sound strain but with the chance to pre-record the score over a few months the new recording sounds fresh and exciting yet comforting as if your returning to an old friend just this time they are a little older but have the same attitude they did the last time you were with them.

The music crackles and pops, whizs and explodes, Larson has created the ultimate score full of soaring ballads, rock laments, sweet evocative love songs and bittersweet moments. The score itself has been a constant in my life for the past 8 years and I feel it will be here for a long time to come.

Without you and I'll Cover You reprise as well as Goodbye Love help when I am sad and need a good cry, I'll Cover You, La Vie Boheme, Rent, What you Own, Take me or Leave Me, Out Tonight songs that help to pump me up and make me smile and Will I and Finale B lift my spirits higher and higher till I am once again whole.

Larson wrote about life about love about people let's remember that, I am forever excited about this score, about these characters about this show, as Larson said "there's no day but today."

Live,Laugh,Love, Viva La Vie Boheme.
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